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Renner Report: Lucky Number 8

November 7th, 2011

Gabby Day talks about her new habit from her three latest races. Her diary was originally published on her personal website.


Since my last update I have had quite a few races over the last 2 weeks. I have had a lot to deal with on a personal level so I guess racing has been my escape from everything and time for me to just focus for 40 minutes and forget everything else going on in my life.

Racing has been going pretty well for me so that has been a good positive in my life and has kept me motivated and wanting to work even harder to improve further on my current results. I know what i can achieve, so with a few more weeks of good training and time to heal myself mentally I should be even better!

Nacht Van Woerden was the race that followed the world cups. An 8.45pm start in Holland kicked off my busy 2 weeks. I had a really good positive race battling it out with Hannka for a while…I eventually slipped into 8th position. Sunday was Zonhoven Superprestige…it was a very early start for me as the race was so early. I have ridden this race for a few years now so I knew it was going to be tough but I guess I wasn’t prepared for the organizers making it even tougher! More sand and more running sections made Zonhoven a very hard day out. I battled it out in the front group for a while before eventually finishing 8th. And just to maintain things I also finished 8th in GVA Koppenberg cross on Tuesday, after a really good race riding in 5th for a very long time. So it would seem that 8th position has become a bit of a habit ,not a bad one to have but one i need to get out of…I need to move on up which I am sure will happen very soon!

 Renner CX Note: Gabby is currently in the middle of a nice training block after racing 15 races this season already. Racing begins again next weekend at the Super Prestige Hamme-Zogge and the following week at Super Prestige Gavere.

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