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Gabby Day talks about her first European UCI C1 podium in Nommay France. Her diary was originally published on her personal website.


I am very excited to report that I got my first European UCI C1 podium place on Friday in Nommay, France.

My racing has been going very well recently and I have been feeling strong in my races, which has given me great confidence and having the legs to back this up is a great sensation!

On Thursday morning we departed for Nommay.  A 600km 6 hour drive. It actually went by quick with the company of my team mate Craig Richey and Danish rider Margriet Kloppenburg and of course the TFGG- ‘The Famous Gregg Germer’!! We arrived at the provided race hotel at 4.30 which meant I was able to get a good turbo spin in to loosen my legs up after the long journey. It was slightly eventful as I managed to fall and hurt myself in the hotel room…typical Gabby moment really!

On Friday morning I was looking forward to waking up to sunshine as had been forecast but instead it was grey and very cold. I was looking forward to racing the Nommay course as it seems to suit me. I have always ridden well in the world cups that have been held there so I was confident.

The course was pretty much as I expected, lots of power grass sections, steep banks, and steps. It was fast. Warming up my legs felt pretty sore and not particularly responsive; but as Gregg pointed out whenever I say that I normally have a really great race….and that is what happened!

I got a great start and led to the first corner, continued to ride hard and was riding in third with Hanka in sight. I worked my way up to Hanka after 1 lap and then battled it out with her all the way to the line. I finished 3rd 5 seconds behind Hanka. I felt very happy, I had felt great, really strong and powerful. I had been happy to sit on the front as I was able to set my own pace and choose my own lines.

I was very excited to finally win some flowers! I won lots of goodies and a big trophy. I was very happy to put in a great performance not only for myself but also for all the people and sponsors that support me and believe in me. A big thankyou to Gregg and Renner Custom CX Team.

Renner CX Note: We are so excited for Gabby! Funnily enough it was only just a few days earlier that Gabby had expressed that it was high time to get some flowers here in The ChainStay, boy did she deliver! This performance paired with all her other recent performances where she was hanging out with and close to the front group has got us super excited to see where her current form will take her. Next up on the agenda is Super Prestige Gavere (another local one for us), the women will be off very early so if you’ll be attending that day please make it an early start and show your support for them!

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