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Gabby Day talks about illness at an unfortunate time in her racing season.  Her diary was originally published on her personal website. ———————————————————– What can I say…I was really looking forward to the British Champs. My form was good, my confidence was high and I had stayed healthy for the whole season. Things were looking [...]

Craig Richey talks about his second Christmas in Belgium spent racing “the Holy Week of  ‘Cross”.  His diary was originally published on his personal website. ———————————————————– This was my second Christmas in Belgium and it my circles here there is no question that cyclocross racing has the lead roll during the holiday time of year [...]

Gabby Day talks about the busy month of December and ‘Cross-mas, in her lead up to this weekends British National Championships.  Her diary was originally published on her personal website. ———————————————————–   It sure has been a very busy month of racing. The month of December or ‘Cross-Mas is always a crazy month. 8 races [...]

That’s a Wrap!

January 2nd, 2012

Well that’s a wrap… for ‘cross-mas anyways! It’s been 8 days of racing over 15 loooong days (or 10 races in 22 days if you include Scheldecross and Overijse), and boy are we glad it’s over. But just for kicks let’s relive the crazy-ness to get you up to speed just in case you slept [...]

Gabby Day talks about her double race weekend with the GVA Essen, and Namur World Cup which featured real ‘cross weather. She also talks about putting on a brave face after last year’s crash.  Her diary was originally published on her personal website. ———————————————————– Today I am feeling really rather tired after a very tough [...]

Craig Richey talks about racing Super Prestige Gavere, and the sand dunes in the Koksijde World Cup. His diary was originally published on CX Magazine. ———————————————————– I may have made this comparison before, but a Canadian racing cyclocross in Belgium is like a Belgian playing hockey in Canada, and the SuperPrestige series is the Belgian [...]

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